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Racing Pro Ultralight - Leñeros Racing Team

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Competition - Movistar Colombia Challenge

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Racing Pro Ultralight - Miami Falcons USA

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Consultation and Selection

Communicate directly with one of our specialized

consultants in customization to obtain a tailored quote

according to your requirements.

During this initial phase, we provide guidance and details

about our range of customized products based on your

specifications. Next, we present our catalog for you to

make your selection.

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Using the editable files you provide us with, we

collaborate closely with our designers to bring your

concepts to life in the format of a Jersey, Trisuit, or

any other product you choose.

For each request, we present three design proposals,

and any necessary adjustments are covered within

the process at no additional cost.

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Once you have chosen your design and all visual aspects

have been confirmed, our production team proceeds to

create a color sample using the main fabric of your uniform.

Before beginning production, the next step is to confirm

the sizes along with the corresponding quantities and

make an initial payment of 50% (deducting the previously

paid cost for the design).

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(This process takes between 25 to 30 days)

After completing the design phase, your customized

product moves forward to the production stage, where

it meticulously goes through each specialized area:

From fabric selection to finishing touches, each stage

of the production process is designed to ensure that

your customized product is a true work of art that

reflects your style and personality.

1. Fabric Selection, Pattern Making, and Cutting.

2. Design Printing and Sublimation.

3. Garment Assembly and Fine Details.

4. Preparation and Rigorous Quality Control.

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Completion and Delivery

A few days before your customized item is ready, one of our

representatives will reach out to you to coordinate the final

details, including the remaining payment and delivery


Share your photo on social media with the hashtag

#morelifecustom and join our community!

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